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  • Inttek

  • Founded in 1996, Internet Technologies, Inc. (Inttek) focuses on the development of e-business and e-government solutions - and the delivery of wireless communication solutions.

    Inttek software is based entirely on Open Source Technologies. This approach gives the client optimal control without locking them into a proprietary solution.

    Inttek’s wireless solutions include Broadband Internet Access, Mobile Network Access and Wireless Data Collection.

    Today Inttek continues it’s commitment to providing advanced web-based application software - and the expansion of its Southeast North Carolina and Northeast South Carolina wireless broad band services.

    Internet Technologies, Inc. is a privately held company.
  • RecordingPRO®

  • We have a proven track record of outstanding reliability in both small and large North Carolina Counties.

    All servers are configured with RAID arrays and automated system monitoring.

    We provide a unique option of having your systems transactions updated live (real time) to a separate redundant server. This can be at your location or at our data center. With off site mirroring, even if your entire facility is destroyed, you will be able to begin recording again from the last transaction. Since the systems are web based, this can be done very quickly from a remote location.

    Secure backup options are available. Data can be backed up locally, via Tape, and off site.

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